Vape Pen Cannabis Cartridges at Greenstone Society

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Vape Pen Cartridge Special at Greenstone Society For a limited time: the biggest deal available on cartridges is happening at Greenstone Society! 🔥🔥 Get 3 Cartridges for only $110 🔥🔥 Do you love your vape pen and are looking to try new cartridges or save money on your favorites? For a limited time, Greenstone Society is offering [...]

Waxy Wednesday just got Better – Greenstone Society – Ann Arbor Dispensary

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Waxy Wednesday at Greenstone Society - 20% off all Concentrates today! All day today for Waxy Wednesday - ALL CONCENTRATES are 20% OFF. All full melts and non-solvent varieties (including Michigan Made Melts) are included in this special today too. We have a wide selection of live resins and rosins from Michigan Made Melts, Medie Edie and [...]

Concentrates at Greenstone Society – Dabbers Daily

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Fire Concentrates Available at Greenstone Society Greenstone Society is fully stocked with all the best concentrates! We always offer an every day concentrate special - If you buy 2 grams of any in-house concentrates, you will always get a half gram of equal or lesser value for free. We have all your in-house favorites along [...]